ARAIT® industrial fryers are specially designed to have a special treatment in the care of the frying oil and, with it, in the quality of the final product.

All our fryers have C.I.P. (Clean in Place), to facilitate cleaning and always keep them as the first day, dedicating as little time as possible to these tasks, since we know that what interests our customers is to fry their products with the highest possible quality and use the minimum time possible in cleaning and maintenance.

All ARAIT® fryers are made of stainless steel with the minimum possible weldings zones to avoid future oil leaks due to expansion by temperature changes.

In our vegetable oil heating systems, we have heat exchangers feed by external boilers, which provides us high care of the frying oil at the critical moment of heating it. For some models of fryers we also have electrical systems in the fryer mounted inside, which provides us more compact frying systems. In all our models we avoid direct fire to heat frying oil to avoid firing risk and improve system safety and also to reduce over temperatures in fryer. This allows better quality finished product and increase life time of vegetable oil.

In addition to our continuous and batch fryers, ARAIT® has different methods of filtering the oil. Our filters are specially designed to work with our fryers, but they can be easily adapted to other production lines. Tell us your needs and we will recommend the filter that best suits you.

ARAIT® has fryers and complete processing lines for different products such as potato chips, donuts, nuts, snacks, …


The ARAIT® industrial potato chip fryers are known for the high quality of the final product and the special care of the oil that is achieved in them.

We have fryers adaptable to all the productions that you need. Tell us your production and we will advise you on the model that best suits your needs as well as whether it is convenient for you to fry continuously or in batches.

All ARAIT® continuous chip potato fryers have external heat exchangers to heat the oil.

ARAIT® makes the multi-flow option available to users of its potato chip fryers. This system consists of the entry of oil through various points of the fryer in order to achieve different temperature curves and, thus, different qualities of the final product. These curves are programmed into the fryer controller and are carried out fully automatically.

Our fryers are prepared to work both in our production lines and in lines already installed in case you want to change your old fryer.