The latest addition to our catalog of designs has been a line in charge of weighing and packing screws, nuts, or washers in boxes.

The line consists of 4 parts.

Turner and transport: In the turner we will load a box full of the material to be packaged and we will raise it so that it falls into the hopper. This hopper, in turn, will be linked to the vibrators that will move the pieces to the weighing area.

Entrance: It is made up of a tape in which we will place the boxes that we want to fill. The boxes automatically arrive at the weighing area. But before they will have to wait for the weighing area to be free to enter.

Weighing area: Here, using load cells and a Siwarex, we are weighing in real time the number of screws that are entering the box. The transport of these screws to the weighing area is done by 3 vibrators. Once the box has reached the desired number of screws it goes to the last area.

Zona pesaje

Exit: Here the boxes go through the belt once they have reached the weight, they are stored on the belt until the operator decides to unload the boxes.

The line is fully automated and its control is done through HMI screens. On this occasion, two screens have been placed so that operators can work more efficiently.

A production of 180 boxes per hour has been achieved with a tolerance of less than 5%.

In addition, this line has all the necessary safety measures to prevent workers from having an accident.