ARAIT linear weighers dose the product using vibrators and weighing the product before unloading it in a bowl supported by load cells. To obtain optimum weight precision and to achieve an acceptable production speed, the product is dosed into the bowl through two vibrating trays, one the thick one and the other smaller to do final weigh adjustment. At the end of both trays there is a pneumatic gate in each one that allows stopping the product dosage to obtain greater precision.


  • Production speed of up to 12 downloads per minute
  • 4 inch color touch screen control.
  • Screen adjustment of vibration levels, weight parameters and process times.
  • 50 programmable recipes.
  • Different password protected operator levels.
  • Programmable autotare.
  • Product queue autotuning.
  • Digital processing of the weight signal obtained from the load cells with the possibility of adjusting filters and number of samples to eliminate possible errors in the weight due to vibrations, interferences, etc …
  • Alarm management:
      • Bad load cell alarm.
      • Open circuit vibration coil alarm.
      • Wrong tare alarm.
      • Overweight alarm.
  • Coordination with all types of packaging systems (vertical packers, horizontal packers, traysealers, etc …).
  • Statistical control of production with calculation of:
    • Downloads made.
    • Total unloaded weight.
    • Average unloaded weight.
    • Minimum weight and maximum unloaded weight.
Pesadora Lineal

Add ons

  • Sheets in contact with the product in dimple surface.
  • Weighing bucket with double independent opening product discharge gate for automatic rejection of out-of-tolerance weighings.
  • Product feed level photocell in the inlet hopper to control the automatic feeding of the weigher.
  • Motorized roller conveyor for automatic box filling.
  • Memory bucket behind weighing bowl to increase production speed.
  • Double weigher option to double production or triple weigher all controlled from a single touch screen.