Regulation of the flow of the product to be fried from the touch screen.

Continuous filtering of the oil with a rotary filter.

Heat exchanger heating.

Automatic maintenance of the optimum oil level for frying.

Staged lifting of the different elements of the fryer for easy cleaning.

Design of the frying tank without areas where dirt can accumulate.


Vacuum cooling belt.

Screen at the exit for the calibration and elimination according to size of the fried corn.

Measurement and control of the oil used during the frying cycle.

Measurement of the actual production of the fryer in Kg/h by dynamic weighing.

Corn Fryer

Corn as an appetizer is a beneficial product for health since, being a cereal, it has a high fiber content and is the cereal with the highest protein content. It also has a high content of carbohydrates but its sugar content is minimal and is recommended as a supplement for athletes in the face of physical exertion.

At ARAIT® we design and manufacture continuous industrial corn fryers with indirect heating through an independent thermal oil circuit. Our industrial fryers have temperature control integrated into the automation system with very high precision and the possibility of modifying the corn frying time easily.