•  Continuous deep fryers with temperature and frying time control 
    • Transport of the product both at the entrance and at the exit by means of elevators or vibrators
    • Recovery of excess oil during the frying process
    • Production from 100 to 750 Kg/h
    • Possibility of electrically heated fryers
    • Fully automated lines
Snacks frito

ARAIT® solutions for the processing and frying of pellets and snacks include deep and continuous fryers with total control of the frying temperature and the time required to produce a quality product.

We complement our continuous snack fryers with the product feeding part to them by means of vibrating conveyors and elevators that guarantee a constant and uniform feeding to the deep fryer. At the exit of the fryer we have draining vibrators to eliminate and recover all the excess oil during the frying process.

We have continuous frying lines for snacks from 100 Kg/h of finished product to 750 Kg/h. For capacities less than 500 Kg/h, we also manufacture snack fryers with electrical heating instead of our standard indirect heat solution using thermal oil.

The control of the snack frying line has been fully automated using the latest technologies, having all the data and relevant parameters of the process for its exploitation and processing.