Arait’ vertical packaging machines allow the packaging of all kinds of granulated products in their most diverse bag formats such as, flat bag, square bottom bag, doy-pack bag, four-weld bag, stabilo, …

Formatos bolsas

Vertical packaging machines characteristics

  • Pneumatic or servo controlled clamp version
    In servo version possibiliity to work in intermitent or continuous mode.
  • Finished bag width from 50 milimeters to 550 milimeters.
  • Finished bag length up to 1000 milimeters.
  • Production speed up to 90 bags per minute depending on the producto
  • Synchronization with linear weighers, multiheads, volumetric dispensers and endless dispensers for feeding producto to pack
  • Sealing temperature control integrated in color touch HMI.
  • Alarm management system.
    Multiuser system with different privileges.
  • Horizontal sealing with servo force control to ensure top and botton bag welding.
  • Remote connection to PLC over internet.
envasadora vertical

Add ons

  • Eurohole punching
  • Promotion ribbon
  • Flat bottom
  • Easy open
  • Protective atmosphere
  • Thermal transfer markers
  • Tube metal detector
  • Scada system connection
  • Production data capture for MES system (bags per minute, downtime ,…)