Production from 300 to 1000Kg/h

Modifiable Frying Temperature and Times

Easy Cleaning

Continuous measurement of fat, humidity, roasting and production

Continuous Oil Filtration

Línea frito de frutos secos

Fried nuts are an ideal and highly demanded appetizer due to their exquisite flavor and texture, but for their industrial production they require special care in their handling and frying process. In addition, due to its low oil absorption during frying, it can cause rapid degradation of the vegetable oil used.

For all of the above, at ARAIT® we are committed to the manufacture of continuous frying lines for nuts in which the quality of the finished product is prioritized together with its easy cleaning. We take care of the oil, extending its useful life thanks to the continuous filtering system and the indirect contribution of heat to the process using heat exchangers.

Our nuts lines are available for productions from 300 Kg/h to 1,000 Kg/h of finished product.